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Black and Decker 2300W Oil Filled Radiator.

Perfect for chilly, winter days, this Black & Decker oil filled radiator is the ideal choice to heat up your home. With a robust power of 2300W, it will easily heat up large rooms up to 32m2 in rapid speed, along with three heat settings of 1000W, 1300W and 2300W that are easily adjustable to suit your comfort needs. Featuring advanced safety systems, your radiator will intelligently switch off if it ever overheated or is accidentally knocked over. The temperature can be varied from 7 to 35 degrees, meaning you can tailor the temperature to your needs. For convenience, the radiator is fitted with wheels for easy transportation and includes a remote and LED control to adjust the settings either manually or from the comfort of your armchair. Bursting with functionality, you can schedule the radiator to switch on or off at specific times working around your schedule, ensuring your home is cosy warm for your return.2 year guarantee (when registered).

UK Price: £110.00    
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Netatmo Additional Smart Radiator Valve.

The Additional Smart Radiator Valves are the perfect accessories to the Smart Themostat and the Netatmo Pack for district heating. They regulate your home temperature even more precisely. Adjust the temperature of each room to suit your needs! Choose between two heating modes: Comfort Priority, which allows the Additional Smart Radiator Valves to increase the heating in certain rooms to a higher temperature than set by the Smart Thermostat Eco Priority, which does the opposite and limits the temperature. To monitor and optimise your energy consumption, view your data history and consult your personalised Energy Savings Report.

UK Price: £69.00    
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Black and Decker 30 Litre Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner.

The Black and Decker Wet and Dry vacuum cleaners are an essential addition to a home owner s toolkit. The vacuums can clean both liquids and solid particles, up to 2cm in diameter. Uses: To remove liquid caused by spillages or leaks To remove dust and dirt from around the workshop as well as the house To clean and maintain vehicles Gather garden debris for easier management and disposal Automatically collects dust and debris from power tool applicationsFeatures: Drainage valve allows for liquid to be fully evacuated in a short period of time Tough and sturdy stainless steel tank for increased durability Four castor wheels for easier manoeuvrability Float switch to cut out suction when tank is full Blower function to clear piping and garden debris Integrated accessory holder, power cable hook and parking position allows for easier stowing Power tool socket with automatic START/STOP function 1600W 30 Litre capacity 19kPa suction Sponge and washable cloth filtration 5m cord 10.3kg 2 Year Guarantee

UK Price: £149.00    
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Tower Power Core Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

750W Bagless 2.5 litre dustbin capacity Cyclonic technology Supplied with 2-in-1 crevice tool, also supplied with Pet Turbo brush - ideal for removing pet hair off upholstery/carpets HEPA filtration 6m cord length Manufacturer s 3 year guarantee

UK Price: £79.00    
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Tower Power Core Pet Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner.

700W Bagless 2 litre dustbin capacity Multi-cyclonic technology No loss of suction Supplied with 2in1 crevice tool, also supplied with Pet Turbo Brush - ideal for removing pet hair off upholstery/carpets. HEPA filtration 5m cord length Carry handle

UK Price: £59.00    
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Presto by Tower 16 Inch Desk Fan.

This 16 inch desk fan is easy to assemble and the perfect addition to your home or office space. It features 3 variable speed settings - low/medium/high - which is just what you need to keep you comfortably cool in different climates. The oscillation, fixed cooling function and adjustable tilt provide the flexibility needed to ensure the airflow is directed exactly where you need it to. This fan has been designed with convenience in mind thanks to the handy integrated carry handle, which makes for easy movement. Featuring anti-slip rubber feet, it will remain stable on your work surface. Features: 3 speed settings Powerful 40W motor Oscillation and fixed cooling function Adjustable tilt Easy assembly Poly coated anti corrosive safety grill Integrated carry handle Anti-slip rubber feet 1.7 metre power cable 2 Year Guarantee (when registered)

UK Price: £29.00    
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Tower Black and Rose Gold Cordless Window Vac.

Clear off condensation and give your windows a gleaming shine with Tower's window vacuum. The cordless cleaning companion uses powerful suction to effortlessly remove smudges and moisture droplets from your windows, shower screen and bathroom tiles. The rechargeable battery provides up to 30 minutes runtime from a single 3 hour charge, ideal for cleaning multiple rooms around your home in a single session. Its 150ml water tank can be easily removed and emptied ready to polish your next window. Designed to be compact and easy to between indoor and outdoor areas, the window vacuum is a convenient tool for cleaning up all of your glass surfaces.

UK Price: £28.00    
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Tower Multi Function 16-in-1 Black/Rose Gold Steam Mop.

Tower's multi-functional steam mop uses superior steam-powered performance to deep clean your carpets and leave hard floors with a polished look. Its lightweight design can be converted to a compact handheld steamer for a full cleanse around tight areas and restricted spaces in every room. The adjustable steam control is ready for use within 15 seconds, generating up to 15 minutes of continuous steam from a complete fill of the 400ml transparent water tank. The triangle-shaped mop head lets you steam clean every nook and cranny around your home, fitting in between room corners and close to skirting boards to keep every inch looking spotless. Equipped with 16 floorcare accessories, this steam mop provides a well-rounded tool for cleaning the whole house, including 2 microfibre cloths, a carpet glide, brush tool, small and large brush, blinder, coral cloth, scraper, steamer cloth, funnel and cup, squeegee attachment, angled nozzle and an accessories adaptor.

UK Price: £44.00    
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Tower RVL40 Pro Pet 22.2V Cordless 3-in-1 DC Vacuum Cleaner.

This ultra-lightweight Tower RVL40 Pro 3-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner is the perfect versatile cleaning companion, offering powerful cyclonic suction for consistent airflow to effortlessly suck up and break down dirt, as well as a highly advanced three stage HEPA 13 filtration system for removing 99.95% of fine allergens. It features fast charge capabilities, providing 35 minutes runtime from a four hour charge for hassle-free cleaning. You can use the pole function to clean carpets and hard floors, handheld mode for cars, staircases and furniture, as well as extending the pole for high cleaning ceilings and curtains. An interchangeable brush bar lets you seamlessly switch between hard floors and carpets at the touch of a button. An additional crevice and brush tool is used for the harder to reach areas. Includes a 1 litre quick release dust tank for larger cleaning tasks and turbo pet and upholstery brush for removing embedded pet hair.3 year guarantee (when registered).

UK Price: £82.00    
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Tower VL30 Plus 22.2V Cordless 3-in-1 DC Vacuum Cleaner.

Effortlessly achieve a more efficient and deeper clean around the home with the VL30 cordless 3-in-1 pole vacuum. Its powerful built-in rechargeable battery delivers 35 minutes of continuous run time from a single 4 hour charge for hassle-free cleaning. 150W 3 in pole vacuum cleaner HEPA 13 filter 2 speed settings high and turbo Up to 35 minutes run time Battery pack 1 litre dust capacity 4-5 hour charge 1.3kg lightweight design 3 year guarantee (when registered)

UK Price: £80.00    
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Black and Decker 2-In-1 Air Purifier and Cooling Fan.

Features:• 2 in 1 design - can be used as a air purifier or cooling fan• 3 speed settings• 3 fan blades• HEPA 11 filtration - filters out 95 percent of harmful particles• UV light - kills harmful bacteria and germs• Low noise 35dB• Foldable design for easy storage• Portable, lightweight and easy to move• Safety thermal cut off switch• 1.5m cord• 3 year guarantee

UK Price: £49.00    
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Set of 20 Black and Decker Laundry Pegs.

Set of 20 soft touch pegs perfect for hanging laundry on rotary airers and washing lines. Durable and environmentally friendly as do not contain metal coil but still super strong for everyday use. 

UK Price: £6.00    
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Black and Decker XL Multicyclonic Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner.

Powerful and efficient, this 2.5 litre bagless cylinder vacuum weighs 5kg and comes packed with the necessary tools for a thorough clean. This vacuum cleaner features multi-cyclonic technology, which ensures quality performance. Also included is a 2-in-1 crevice tool for getting those harder to reach areas, resulting in a much more thorough clean up. The HEPA filter within the vacuum enhances the cleaning by removing various unwanted particles, such as dust mites and pet dander. It also includes an integrated carry handle that makes it easier to move up and down stairs, while the 5 metre power cord removes the constant need to plug the vacuum into other outlets. Specification• Includes 2 in 1 crevice tool• HEPA filter• 2.5 Litre dust bin capacity• Bagless• 77 decibel motor• 14.9Kpa suction power• 700W• 5m cord length

UK Price: £70.00    
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Black and Decker 2000w Convector Heater.

Features: 3 heat settings: 800/1200/2000W Quiet operation Anti-frost protection Size H40 x W60 x D19cm

UK Price: £50.00    
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Black and Decker 2000W 2-in-1 Ceramic Tower Fan and Heater.

Keep your home cool in the summer and warm during winter with the Ceramic Tower Fan Heater. This versatile fan heater provides an efficient heating and cooling solution for all year round use, featuring ceramic heating technology that conducts heat quickly with efficient distribution to provide a consistent temperature throughout the room. Select from 2 power settings - 1000W or 2000W -  using the LED display or remote control, with easily adjustable temperature settings from 15-35 degrees to find your perfect climate. Designed with high and low fan speed settings for maximum comfort and effective cooling during the warmer months, with up to 80 degree oscillation to control the direction of airflow. Set the 12 hour timer to automatically shut off the fan at a specified time to save energy and cut down on your monthly bills.2 year guarantee (when registered).

UK Price: £130.00    
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